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- To deliver unique and high quality products and services to our customers.
- To prove to you that, honesty integrity and great customer care is one of the pillars of our online business. is an innovative e-commerce online brand located in Espoo, Finland. ShopAle was started with a simple idea in mind, delivering unique and high quality problem-solving products to our customers at great value. Our niche covers, design, fitness, personality fashion, home décor, art, self care and stylish lifestyle living. 

Our innovative approach to business is that, we source our high quality products and ship directly from the top manufacturers of approved partners businesses, and pass the savings on to you. Which is why we are able to bring you our wide range of unique and high quality products at great value.

The downside is; you have to wait just a bit longer for shipping (usually between 15-20 business days). The benefits you get is; Great savings, and incredible high quality-assured products you do not find in your local shopping centers. Our products are backed by our promise of 30 days return/money back guaranteed.

Our excitement comes from the incredible warm friendship and support of our ShopAle customers, and we're so grateful to each and every one of you.

We have great eyes at selecting products, and we actively follow new trends and can predict 'what's hot to pop' on the market, or 'what's the next big product buzz'. Our curated unique collections take inspiration from stylish lifestyle living and trends.

We recognize every customer's needs are different which is why we creatively strive to deliver a wide range of unique and high quality products in our catalog niches, to allow you to find something you love.

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